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The World Christian Video/DVD Directory is an attempt to list what dvds in around 1000 languages. Thousands of titles of Christian dvds from around the world are listed with a description and where to buy them.

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A Better Way
A Biblical Perspective on Mary, the Mother of
  Jesus by Pastor Christian Newsome
A Biblical Portrait of Marriage
A Blueprint For Success
A Brief, but True, History of Time
A Changed Life
A Child of the Promise
A Chosen Vessel
A Christmas Snow Pack
A Classical Christmas
A Critique of "Dominion" Theology
A Cry From Iran
A Distant Thunder
A Doctor Explains the Abortion Procedure
A Door of Opportunity: Loving the Chinese
A Dream Begun
A Dress Rehearsal for Calvary
A Family Fireside Christmas
A Field Guide to Narnia
A Formula For Fellowship
A Foundation for Change
A Fragile Stone
A Full House of Blessing: The Nicklas Family Story
A Future For The Family
A Geological Perspective on the Age of the Earth
A Geologist Looks at Noah's Flood
A God of Suffering?
A Golden Christmas
A Greater Love
A Guide to Deaf Ministry
A House United
A is for Adam
A is for Adam, D is for Dinosaur
A Jornada - Uma Viagem Pelo Tempo
A Journey Home
A Journey of Faith and Sacrifice
A Jurassic Ark Mystery
A Know-So Salvation
A Lamp in the Dark
A Legacy of Leadership
A Letter To Dad
A Life Made Over
A Man Called Peter
A Man Named Pearl
A Matter of Life and Death
A Miracle For America
A Name Above All Names
A Nation Adrift
A Nation Adrift: A Chronicle of Americas
  Providential Heritage
A Nation In Crisis
A New Look at Commitments
A New World Order
A Plan to Overcome Your Fears & Loneliness
A Prayer For America
A Question of Origins
A Question Of Origins - DVD 10 Languages Including
A Reader's Guide Through the Wardrobe
A Scientist Looks at Creation
A Snoodle's Tale
A Son’s Deception, a Father’s Disaster
A Song For Grandmother
A Spiritual Heritage Tour of the United States
A Story of Hope
A Stranger In My Forest
A Study of the Revelation of Jesus Christ - Lorne
A Tale of Two Fish: How Ideas Influence Events
A Testimony of a Father’s Victory Over
  Hidden Failures
A Thief In The Night
A Thief in the Night Collector's Series
A Time Of Terror, A Word Of Hope
A VeggieTales Movie: The Pirates Who Don’t
  Do Anything
A Vow to Cherish
A Walk Through History
A Woman Rides the Beast (VHS)
A Woman’s Prayer Life: Beth Moore
A World Without Words
Aaron Wilburn: WHY?
Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story (Megumi:
  Hikisakareta Kazoku no 30 nen)
Abide in Him
Abide With Me
Abortion Methods and Risks
Abortion Techniques
Abortion: Former Abortionists Testify
Abounding Victory Through Amazing Grace
Abraham & Isaac Interactive DVD & Resource Book
Abraham and Isaac
Abraham, a Friend of God
Abuse the Hidden Secret VDO
Aceh: A Battle of Swords
Action Pack Faith in Action video featuring
  Pakistan and Afghanistan
Acts 11: Atiencia / Kuhn
Acts 2: Ken Fong
Acts 4-part Audio Edition
ACTS Bible Videos - The Visual Bible
Acts of the Apostles
Administracion de la Escuela Dominical
Administración de la Escuela Dominical
Adoriamo il Re
Adultery & Theft
Advanced Note-Taking: A Dynamic Key Word Approach
Adventures in Odyssey: A Fine Feathered Frenzy
Adventures in Odyssey: A Flight to the Finish
Adventures in Odyssey: A Stranger Among Us
Adventures in Odyssey: A Twist in Time
Adventures in Odyssey: Baby Daze
Adventures in Odyssey: Electric Christmas
Adventures in Odyssey: Go West Young Man
Adventures in Odyssey: In Harm’s Way
Adventures in Odyssey: Once Upon an Avalanche
Adventures in Odyssey: Race to Freedom
Adventures in Odyssey: Shadow of a Doubt
Adventures in Odyssey: Star Quest
Adventures in Odyssey: The Caves of Qumran
Adventures in Odyssey: The Knight Travellers
Adventures in Odyssey: The Last Days of Eugene
Adventures of a Christian Cowboy
Affectionately Yours, Screwtape: The Devil And
  C.S. Lewis
Africa & The Bible
After the Darkness...Light
Against All Odds: Israel Survives
Against All Odds: Israel Survives - 13 Episode DVD
Age of Terror
Agenda: Grinding America Down
Agent Abbey
Agents Of Destruction: Who Are They?
Agents: Live The Mission
Ahmad's Dream
AIDS * Windows of Hope
AIDS, Homosexuality, and the Power of Christ
AIDS: Steal, Kill and Destroy
AIDS: What You Haven’t Been Told
Algo Mejor que Futbol
Alien Abductions and UFOs” Exposed!
Aliens UFOs and the Bible
Aliens, UFO’s and the Bible
All Aboard America
All About Jesus
All God’s Children
All Rapped Up
All The King’s Horses
All The Major Themes Of Christ's Return Defined
Allure of Rock -- Revisited
Alphabet Song
Always the Women Nina Thiel
Amazing Book
Amazing Children
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace: Five Hymns That Changed The World
Amazing Grace: The History & Theology Of Calvinism
Amazing Miracles
Ambon's Silent Scream
Amdo Tibetans Video - China, 1996
Amdo, Tibet
America & Her Children: Abortion in the 90's
America Looks Inward: To Self-Realization, To
  Reincarnation, To Inner Guides
America The Beautiful: Volume 1 - Canyonlands Of
  The Southwest
America The Beautiful: Volume 2: Falling Water and
  Rising Earth
America The Beautiful: Volume 3: Blossoms, Bees,
  and Butterflies
America’s Godly Heritage
America's Future: America's Changing Face
American Covenant
Americas Godly Heritage
Amish Grace
An Advent Concert Of Music By Bach
An American Adventure
An Avonlea Christmas
An International Christmas
An Introduction to Creationism
An Irish Christmas
An Old Testament Calvary
An Old Testament Portrait Of Jesus Christ
An Urgent Call To A Serious Faith
Ancient Civilizations
Ancient Man: Created or Evolved?
Angel of Light
Angel of Sardis
Angels Love Donuts
Angels: Mysterious Strangers Among Us
Animal Kingdom
Animals in Heaven?
Animated Kid’s Bible #1: Creation
Animated Kid’s Bible #2: Voyage of the Ark
Animated Kid’s Bible #3: Towering Pride and
  True Lies
Animated Kid’s Bible #4: Rain of Fire
Animated Kid’s Bible #5: Brother at War
Animated Kid’s Bible #6: Joseph the Dream
Animated Kids Bible Episode 1: Creation
Animated Kids Bible Episode 2: The Voyage of the
Animated Kids Bible Episode 3: Tower Of Pride &
  True Lies
Animated Kids Bible Episode 4: Rain of Fire
Animated Kids Bible Episode 5: Brothers at War
Animated Kids Bible Episode 6: Joseph the Dream
Animated Kids Bible Episodes 1-6: Complete Genesis
Anita Renfroe: It’s Probably Just My Thyroid
Anita Renfroe: Purse-onality
Anita Renfroe: Thinking Out Loud
Anita Renfroe: Total Momsense
Anne of Avonlea
Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story
Annie: A Royal Adventure
Another Hitler Rising
Another Jesus?
Another Jesus? The Eucharistic Christ and the New
  Evangelism. (3 copies DVD)
Another Jesus? The Eucharistic Christ and the New
  Evangelism. (DVD)
Another Perfect Stranger
Ansari Muslims of South Asia Video - India, 2001
Answer That!: Adventures In Odyssey Edition
Answering the Questions Raised by The Da Vinci
Answering the Tough Questions About God
Answers ... with Ken Ham (12-part series)
Answers About Creation
Answers Academy 13-DVD Pack
Answers Academy Curriculum
Answers Academy: Astronomy
Answers Academy: Big Bang
Answers Academy: Defending the Faith
Answers Academy: Natural Selection
Answers Academy: New Reformation
Answers Academy: Where did God Come From?
Answers to Assumed Errors in the Old Testament
Answers to the Cults Myths Regarding Eternity
Answers...with Ken Ham
Antichrist: Super-Deceiver of the New World Order
Apache Salvation
Apemen, Missing Links & the Bible
Apemen: Missing Links & The Bible
Apemen: Missing Links & The Bible
Apes or Ancestors
Apocalypse II: Revelation
Apocalypse III: Tribulation
Apocalypse: The 4-DVD Boxed Collection
Apologetics Then and Now
Apostasy, Spiritism and the Occult
Apostle Paul and the Earliest Churches
Appalachian Trial
Approaching Differences
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Are Public Schools Teaching Our Children New Age
  Religious Views?
Are the Genesis Creation Days 24 Hours or Long
  Periods of Time? - Series 1
Are You Committed?: Tony Campolo
Are You Fit To Be Tied?
Are You Going to Heaven
Are You Going To Heaven DVD
Are You Going to Heaven?
Are You Offended At God?
Arguments Creationists Should NOT Use
Arinjittum Ariyathe
Ark of the Covenant
Armageddon Complete Set
Armageddon Part 1
Armageddon Part 2
Armageddon Part 3
Armageddon Part 4
Armageddon Part 5
Armageddon Part 6
Artistic Ape Anecdotes
Artistic Ape Anecdotes: The Art of Deception?
Aslan's Call
Assignment: Life
Astrology: Do the Heavens Determine Your Destiny?
Astrology: True or False
Astronomy and the Bible
Astronomy and the Bible: The Heavens Declare the
  Glory of God
At Jesus’ Side
Atheism & What Did Jesus Do?
ATI Family Training Video Set: Foundations for
  Home Education
Authentic Christianity
Authority in the Home
Auto B Good Series: Special Edition
Auto B Good: Blazing The Trail
Auto B Good: Driving It Home
Auto B Good: Fruits of the Spirit
Auto B Good: Hometown Heroes - The Classics Vol. 2
Auto B Good: In The Land Of Odds - The Classics
  Vol. 3
Auto B Good: Mission Possible
Auto B Good: Pirates Of The Parkway - The Classics
  Vol. 4
Auto B Good: Playing It Fair
Auto B Good: Shifting To High Gear
Auto B Good: Towing the Line - The Classics Vol. 5
Auto B Good: Traits of Faith
Awesome Forces of God's Creation
Awesome Forces of God's Creation - Set
Azerbaijanis Video Slide Show - Azerbaijan, 1998