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The World Christian Video/DVD Directory is an attempt to list what dvds in around 1000 languages. Thousands of titles of Christian dvds from around the world are listed with a description and where to buy them.

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Baby Bible Videos Vol. 1: How God Made You And Me
Baby Moses & Elijah
Babylon: Past, Present And Future
Back to Basics
Back to Genesis Series
Back To The Father
Bad News Good News
Baha’i Faith
Bamboo in Winter
Bananas Comedy: Bone
Bananas Comedy: Daren Streblow
Bananas Comedy: David Pendleton
Bananas Comedy: Jeff Allen 2-DVD Set
Bananas Comedy: Michael Joiner
Bananas Comedy: Mike Williams
Bananas Comedy: Paul Aldrich
Bananas Comedy: Season Two
Bananas Comedy: Taylor Mason
Bananas Comedy: Taylor Mason 2
Bania of Delhi Video - India, 2003
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Barrier/Comfort Atheism Debate
Barro en Sus Manos: Discipulado
Basic Creation Series - Gish
Basic Creation Series - Henry Morris
Basic Training Course
Basics for Biblical Problem Solving
Bastiar's Dream
Battle for the Mind
Battling Over the Children
Be Still
Beast of Revelation - Identified
Becoming A Contagious Christian: The University
Becoming One
Becoming Teammates
Behind The Mas
Behind The Mask
Behind the Sun
Believers Among Us Complete Series
Believers Among Us: A Light Shines Through
Believers Among Us: The Awakening
Believers Among Us: The Last Letter
Believers Baptism
Beloved Enemy
Beloved Thief: A Musical Love Story
Ben Hur
Ben Hur: A Tale of Christ (Animated)
Benin Country Profile
Benny's Biggest Battle
Berkeley Finally Hears the Truth Debate DVD #18
Best of the Task, Vol. 1
Best of the Task, Vol. 2
Best Picture Collection: Crown Awards 2004
Beta DVD Set
Beta Starter Kit
Bethlehem Year Zero
Beware of Christians
Beware The Beast
Beware The Wolves
Beyond Bataan: The George Rogers Story
Beyond Seduction
Beyond The Gates
Beyond the Grave
Beyond the Next Mountain
Beyond the Night
Beyond The Sky
Beyond the Vision A Strategy for SIM’s 2nd
  Century of Ministry
Beyond the Wall: Loving the Peoples of the Arabian
Beyond Torture: The Gulag of Pitesti, Romania
BFF Teaching Seminar
Bhutan: Land under the Thunder Dragon
Bible & Modern Science
Bible Adventures
Bible and Health DVD
Bible Animated Classics: Ruth
Bible Animated Classics: The Good Samaritan
Bible Animated Classics: The King Is Born
Bible Challenge KJV Complete Bible
Bible Challenge KJV New Testament: Multi-player
  Bible Question and Answer Game
Bible Challenge KJV Old Testament: Multi-player
  Bible Question and Answer Game
Bible Explorer Series: Search For Ark of the
Bible Explorer Series: Search For Mt. Sinai:
  Mountain Of Fire
Bible Explorer Series: Search For Noah’s
  Ark: Lost Mountains of Noah
Bible Interactive Educational DVD Collection
Bible Prophecy, War, and the Middle East
Bibleman Genesis Series: Breaking The Bonds Of
Bibleman Genesis Series: Divided We Fall
Bibleman Genesis Series: Jesus Our Savior
Bibleman Genesis Series: Silencing The Gossip
Bibleman PowerSource Series #3: Crushing The
  Conspiracies Of The Cheater
Bibleman PowerSource Series #6: Blasting the Big
  Gamemaster Bully
Biblical Authority and Our Cultural Crisis (Part
Biblical Authority and Our Cultural Crisis (Part
Biblical Faith: What It Is, And How To Have It
Biblical Geology: Properly Understanding the Rocks
Biblical Mysteries #2: Sodom And Gomorrah
Biblical portrait of Marriage
Biblical Theater: Authentic Costumes
Biblically Refuting Mormon Beliefs that You Can
  Become a God
Bibliology and Hermeneutics Study Course
Bibliology and Hermeneutics Study Course - DVD
Big Bible Stories: Abraham
Bilhete de Amor
Bill & Gloria Gaither & Their Homecoming Friends:
  Alaskan Homecoming
Bill & Gloria Gaither & Their Homecoming Friends:
  Count Your Blessings
Bill & Gloria Gaither & Their Homecoming Friends:
  Giving Thanks
Bill & Gloria Gaither & Their Homecoming Friends:
  Joy In My Heart
Bill & Gloria Gaither & Their Homecoming Friends:
Bill Gaither Remembers Homecoming Heroes
Bill Gaither Remembers Old Friends
Billy Graham Classic Collection: Will The World
Billy Graham Classic Messages: How to get into the
  Kingdom of Heaven
Billy Graham Classic Messages: Road to Armageddon
Billy Graham Classic Messages: The New Birth
Billy Graham Classic Messages: The Secret of
Billy Graham: God’s Ambassador
Billy Sunday
Billy Sunday Movie Video
Billy: The Early Years
Biografi­as Bi­blicas
Biography of the Beast
Birthmarks Of The Believer
BJ’s Teddy Bear Club & Bible Stories Vol.
BJ’s Teddy Bear Club & Bible Stories Vol.
Black History 4-Pack
Black Oasis
Blasphemy, Sabbath and Parents & Murder
Bless You Prison
Blessed & Cursed
Blessed are the Desperate
Blessed Assurance
Blessed Assurance2
Blessed be Egypt: From Desert to Delta
Blessed Family
Blessings out of Brokenness
Blind Watchmaker: A Skeptical Look at Darwinism
Blood OnThe Mountain
Bob Smiley: Uncaged
Bolivia Country Profile
Bonhoeffer - Agent of Grace
Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace
Book By Book: Philippians
Boot Camp Sessions on DVD (Set of 6)
Born Again
Born Again: Classic Edition - 30th Anniversary
  Release DVD
Born From Above
Bountiful Living Through Bountiful Giving
Boz: A Wowiebozowee Christmas
Boz: Adventures In Imagination
Boz: B-O-Zs and 1-2-3s
Boz: Bananas, Bubbles And Busy Bodies
Boz: Colors And Shapes
Boz: Friends And Helpers
Boz: Start Singing With Boz
Brad Stine: A Conservative Unleashed
Brad Stine: Put A Helmet On
Brad Stine: Tolerate This
Brad Stine: Wussification
Bread from Heaven Interactive DVD & Resource Book
Breaking the Da Vinci Code
Bridging the Gap
Bright Lights In A Dark World
Bring Back The Glory
Bringing Christian Love Out of The Closet
Bringing Up Bobby
Bringing Up Boys Parenting Videos
Broken and Battered
Broken Vows: America's Secret Crisis
Broken Vows: Americas Secret Crisis
Brokenness: The Heart God Revives
Bronze Interactive Educational DVD Collection
Brother Enemy
Brutal Truth
Bugtime Adventures: A Giant Problem
Bugtime Adventures: Against The Wall
Bugtime Adventures: Blessing In Disguise
Bugtime Adventures: It’s The Pits
Bugtime Adventures: Joy To The World
Bugtime Adventures: Keep The Trust
Bugtime Adventures: Not To Bee
Bugtime Adventures: Riding For A Fall
Bugtime Adventures: Scare Tactics
Bugtime Adventures: What’s A Manna With You?
Bugtime Adventures: You’re All Wet
Building a Family of Love
Building Better Relationships
Building on the American Heritage Series
Built Upon the Rock Interactive DVD & Resource
Burkina Faso Country Pro
Busy Dying
By Love Set Free (Spanish)
By The Blood by Pastor Jeremy Johnston