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The World Christian Video/DVD Directory is an attempt to list what dvds in around 1000 languages. Thousands of titles of Christian dvds from around the world are listed with a description and where to buy them.

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C Me Dance
C. H. Spurgeon Tonight
C.S. Lewis Through Joy and Beyond
C.S. Lewis Through the Shadowlands DVD
C.S. Lewis: Through the Shadowlands
C2: Love At First Sight
C2: Relapse
Cabin 6
Caleb Project Introduction Video
Called To be Free
Called to be Free!
Camp Savegre
Can An Intellectual Believe In God?
Can Atheism Save Europe?
Can Creation be Supported by Scientific Evidence?
Can God be Trusted With Your Troubles?
Can the Biblical Account of Creation be Reconciled
  with Scientific Evidence Today?
Candle In The Dark
Captain Noah & His Unsinkable Faith
Captive Faith
Carmen: The Champion
Carols For Christmas
Carretera al Infierno
Carstvo Bozje Je Blizu
Case for Christ: Six - Session Topical Study
Catholicism: Crisis of Faith
Cathy's Choice
Cedar Campus 50th Anniversary
Cedarmont Kids: 100 Sing-Along Songs For Kids
Cedarmont Kids: Platinum Bible Collection
Cedarmont Kids: Platinum Toddler Collection
Cedarmont: Gospel Bible Songs
Celebrate America
Celebrate the Difference
Celtic Cry” the video
Cena Covekove Duse
Census And The Star
Cerco de Espinos
Challenge to Chastity
Champions of Faith: Collector’s Editio
Changed into His Image
Changes & Follow The Leader - Special Edition
Chapel Vignettes: A 75th Anniversary Historical
Character Builders 1: Obedience & Self-Control
Characteristics of the Major Cults in America
Chariots of Fire
Charles Colson: Reluctant Prophet
Charles Marshall: I’m Just Sayin’!
Charlton Heston Presents the Bible: Complete Set -
Charlton Heston Presents the Bible: Genesis
Charlton Heston Presents the Bible: Jesus of
Charlton Heston Presents the Bible: Moses
Charlton Heston Presents the Bible: The Passion
Cheddar Highlights Toy
Chemicals to Living Cell: Fantasy or Science
Chemicals to Living Cell: Fantasy or Science?
Cherub Wings: And it Was So!
Children at Risk
Children In The Web
Children's Easter Bundle
Children's Video About Dinosaurs DVD
China Crisis
China Cry
China in His Image
China’s Confession
China/More Persecution-Growing
Chinese Scholars in America
Chinese Treasures 3.2
Chonda Pierce: Did I Say That Out Loud?
Chonda Pierce: Four Eyed Blonde
Chonda Pierce: Having a Girls’ Nite Out
Chonda Pierce: Stayin’ Alive...Laughing!
Chonda Pierce: This Ain’t Prettyville
Christ - Our City Of Refuge
Christ in the Passover
Christ Of Every Crisis
Christ Returns!
Christ The Lord
Christ-like Love
Christi's Choice
Christian Citizenship
Christian Counterfeiters
Christian Dating: The Movie
Christian Parenting Series: According To Your
Christian Sci-Fi Pack
Christian World View
Christianity & Islam Pack
Christianity and Islam
Christianity and the Masonic Lodge: Are They
Christianity Under Attack: Debate on Christianity
  Versus Secular Humanism
Christians and Divorce: Paul's Interesting
Christians And War
Christmas At Maxwell’s
Christmas in Canaan
Christmas Is Here Agai
Christmas Memories
Christmas version
Christmas with a Capital C
Chronicles of Naria: Silver Chair
Chronicles of Narnia
Chronicles of Narnia - Lion Witch and the Wardrobe
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and the
  Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Church History in First Person
Church Kit - God as He Longs for You to See Him
Church kit - Invisible War
Church Outside The Walls: Part 4: Where Do We Go
  From Here?
Church Outside The Walls: Parts 2 & 3: How Did it
  Get This Way?
Church Planting Movements
City of the Bees
City Under Siege
Clash Over Origins: Creation vs Evolution
Class of ’91
Classic Billy Graham Sermons Collection
Classroom Enrichment Series: Cyrano de Bergerac
Classroom Enrichment Series: Julius Caesar
Classroom Enrichment Series: King Lear
Classroom Enrichment Series: Macbeth
Classroom Enrichment Series: To Serve a Higher
Click Clack Jack: A Rail Legend
Climb a Tall Mountain
Climb, The
Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind
Cloud Ten Films Pack
Clown-Faced Carpenter
Club Rompecbezas - El Misterio del Ladroe Mascotas
Clues to Transform Your Marriage
Coach Tyranny: Sowing the Seeds of Victory
Codes and Creation
Colorado Praise
Come bamb inverno
Come Conoscere La Vera Liberta
Come Dance at My Wedding
Come the Morning
Come What May
Comedy Bus: Class Clowns
Comedy Films Collection
Commands of Christ, Series 1, Video Set
Communicate or Disintegrate
Communication in the Family
Completing Kaden: Season 1
Comprehensive Defense of the Providence of God in
  the Founding of America - 21 DVD Collection
Condemnation or Forgiveness
Conociendo Su Biblia I
Conociendo Su Biblia II
Conociendo Su Biblia III
Conociendo Su Biblia IV
Conscience & Alcatraz, Al Capone, Alcohol
Constantine And The Cross
Contindole a Kelli
Conto Alla Rovescia per L’eternia
Convergence: Breaking the Ice: Learning to Share
  Our Stories
Convergence: Heaven: Understanding God’s
Corrie: Behind the Scenes w/ The Hiding Place
Corrie: The Lives She's Touched
Cory Edwards: Island of Pants
COSMOS: Created & Young!
Costumbres y Cultura Judaica
Cotton Patch Gospel
Countdown In The Holy Land
Countdown To Eternity
Countdown To Eternity (3 Copies)
Counterfeit Christianity
Courageous - The Movie
Courageous Campaign Kit - DVD and Book
Cracking the Prophetic Code
Creation & Bible Prophecy
Creation and the Christian Faith
Creation and the Last Days
Creation and the Schools
Creation and the Second Coming
Creation Astronomy: Viewing the Universe Through
  Biblical Glasses
Creation Documentary DVD Set
Creation Evangelism
Creation Evangelism in an Islam-Aware World
Creation Evangelism: Sharing Your Faith
Creation for Little Sprouts (on DVD)
Creation Geology with Charlie Liebert
Creation in Symphony: The Evidence (three tape
Creation in Symphony: The Model (two tape series)
Creation Library Biology Set: 5 Part DVD Series
Creation Live!
Creation Mini Series
Creation Mini-Series
Creation Museum Collection
Creation not Confusion
Creation or Evolution What's the Difference?
Creation Science Evangelism Series
Creation Science with Charlie Liebert
Creation Seminar
Creation Seminar in Dutch ( Parts 1, 2, 3, 4)
Creation Seminar in Spanish (3 Videos)
Creation Seminar on DVD
Creation Seminar Series
Creation Seminar Series in Japanese Part 1, 2 DVD
Creation Seminar, Complete Set (5 DVD) in German
Creation Seminar, Part 1, Japanese
Creation Seminar, Part 1, Russian
Creation Seminar, Part 2, Japanese
Creation Seminar, Part 2, Russian
Creation Seminar, Part 3, Russian
Creation Vs. Evolution - Debate DVD #2
Creation, Evolution and Deception
Creation, The Flood, and the Ice Age
Creation/Evolution: Does It Matter What We
Creation: The Key to Dynamic Witnessing
Creationist Documentary - Set
Creations Creatures
Creative Aerobics
Creatures Do Change ”But It’s Not Evolution
Crisis in the Classroom
Crisis in the Classroom (VHS)
Crisis in the Home
Critique of the Pre-Wrath Rapture View
Cross And The Switchblade
Cross TV Documentaries
Crown Comedy Award Winners Collection
Cry from the Mountain
Cuje Li Bog Coveka
Cultivating Contentment in the Home
Current Events / Biblical Prophecy
Current World Events and Biblical Prophecy