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The World Christian Video/DVD Directory is an attempt to list what dvds in around 1000 languages. Thousands of titles of Christian dvds from around the world are listed with a description and where to buy them.

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Hallmarks Of Design
Halloween: Trick Or Treat?
Handel’s Messiah
Handel's Messiah in Bethlehem
Handel: Messiah: A Sacred Oratorio
Hands Across the World
Hanged on a Twisted Cross: Dietrick Bonhoeffer
Hangman’s Curse
Hank Answers Your Questions
Hank on DVD Tool Kit
Happiness Is...
Hard Truth
Hard Truth - DVD
Harmony In The Home
Harriet Tubman
Has Science Buried God?
Has The Gospel Failed?
Has the Nuclear Family Bombed?
Has The Watchtower Ever Lied, Covered Up, or
  Changed Important Doctrines, Dates, and Biblical
Has The Watchtower Ever Lied: Covered-up, or
  Changed Important Doctrines, Dates and Bible
Havin’ Church Series: Torch
Havin’ Church Series: We’re Havin
He Is Not Silent
He Is Risen
He is Risen Interactive DVD & Resource Book
He Proved His Love: Ramachandra/Van Riesen
Heal The Land DVD
Healing by Hospitality
Healing For A Broken World: Christian Perspectives
  on Public Policy
Hear My Voice Collection
Hearing Everett: A Personal And Small Group
Heart that makes a home
Heaven One Minute After You Die
Heaven’s Heroes
Heaven: An Out-of-Body Adventure
Heaven: One Minute After You Die
Hell’s Bell’s 2 - The Dangers of Rock
  ’n’ Roll
Hell’s Bells 2: The Power & Spirit Of
  Popular Music
Hell’s Bells The Dangers of Rock
  ’n’ Roll
Hell’s Bells: The Dangers Of Rock And Roll
Hell’s Best Kept Secret
Hell's Best Kept Secret
Hells Bells
Hells Bells 2
Hells Best Kept Secret
Hells Best Kept Secret, Part Two
Help From Heaven
Help, I'm Getting Married!
Helping Others Find Freedom in Christ Video
Hermie & Friends 10: Hailey & Bailey’s Silly
Hermie & Friends 11: Hermie and The High Seas
Hermie & Friends 1: Hermie, A Common Caterpillar
Hermie & Friends 3: Webster, The Scaredy Spider
Hermie & Friends 4: Buzby, The Misbehaving Bee
Hermie & Friends 5: A Fruitcake Christmas
Hermie & Friends 7: Hermie & Wormie’s Nutty
Hermie & Friends 8: Milo, The Mantis Who
  Wouldn’t Pray
Hermie & Friends: Hermie, The Uncommon DJ
Hermie & Friends: The Entire 13-DVD Collection
Hermie and Friends 12: Skeeter And The Mystery Of
  The Lost Mosquito Treasure
Hermie and Friends 13: The Flo Show Creates a Buzz
Hero Classics Interactive Educational DVD
Hero Classics Interactive Educational DVDs Plus
Herod’s Temple: The Temple Jesus Knew
Heroes of Flight 93
Heroes of the Bible Volume 1
Heroes of the Bible Volume 2
Hidden Heroes
Hidden Holocaust
Hidden Island
Hidden Peoples of Guizhou (SW China)
Hidden Secrets
Hidden Treasure
Hidden Treasures
Hiding Place, The
High 5
High Strongholds of Northern Yunnan
Higher Ground
Highway to Heaven: Season 1
Hillsong Chapel Yahweh
Hillsong Kids: Tell The World
Hillsong Live: A Beautiful Exchange
Hillsong: The I Heart Revolution, With Hearts As
Hillsong: This Is Our God
Hindus of India
His Church for the Nations
His Land
His Unblemished Life
His Undiminished Deity
His Unequaled Birth
His Unquestioned Lordship
Historical Jesus Package
History of Christian Worship: Part 1, The Word
History of Christianity
Historys Greatest Happening
Hobo & The Runaway / Mysterious Cabin / Hidden
Hockey Beyond Belief
Holly Hobbie: Christmas Wishes
Holly’s Story
Hollywood (part 1) - The Power and Philosophy
Hollywood (part 2) - Sex and Seduction
Hollywood (part 3) - The Young and Restless
Hollywood (part 5) - Lights! Camera! Blasphemy!
Hollywood On Fire
Holocaust Pack
Holy Bible: King James Version
Holy Bible: New King James Version
Holy Bible: New Living Translation
Holy Boldness
Holy Land Sing-a-Long
Hombre de Tarso
Home Beyond the Sun
Home For Christmas
Home Safe
Home Schooling: Is it for You?
Homes of Honor - Parenting Series
Homes of Honor - Relationship Series, 1
Homes of Honor - Relationship Series, 2
Homestead Blessings Complete Se
Homestead Blessings Complete Set
Homestead Blessings Gift Pack
Homestead Blessings: The Art of Canning
Homestead Blessings: The Art of Cooking
Homestead Blessings: The Art of Crafting
Homestead Blessings: The Art of Dairy Delights
Homestead Blessings: The Art of Gardening
Homestead Blessings: The Art of Herbs
Homestead Blessings: The Art of Quilting
Homestead Blessings: The Art of Sewing
Honduras Highlights
Honoring Father And Mother
Hoop Dogz #3: God Is #1
Hoop Dogz #4: A Promise is a Promise
Hoop Dogz: God Good, Idols Bad!
Hope and Restoration
Hope for Aids
Hope For Broken Things
Hope for Those Who Have Continual Doubts About
  Their Salvation
Hope In 9/11 Collection
Hope Positive
Hope Series: Hope for Commitment
Hope Series: Hope for Forgiveness
Hope Series: Hope for the Family
Hope Series: Hope for the Lonely
Hopeville: The Original Gospel Sensatio
Hot Questions Concerning the Middle East
How a Minister Discovered the Life-Changing Power
  of Faith
How Can I Celebrate Halloween?
How Can We Evangelize A Secular World? Parts 1 & 2
How Can We Raise Godly Children?
How Can You Be Sure That You Will Spend Eternity
  With God?
How Dependent Should the Church Be on
  Psychological Theories?
How Do We Know the Bible Is True?
How Evolution Hurts Science
How God Develops Christian Character
How Jesus Died: The Final 18 Hours
How Should We Then Live
How Textbooks Mislead
How the Bible Came to Be
How the Power of Faith Is Changing Our Nation
How To Answer A Skeptic
How To Arrive At A Destination Without A Map
How to be a successful Christian
How To Be Absolutely Sure
How to be Best Friends with Your Mate and Family
How To Be Saved And Know It
How To Be Strong In Faith
How To Be Sure You Are Sure
How To Be The Child Of A Happy Mother
How To Be The Father Of A Wise Child
How To Behave In A Cave
How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone
How to Conquer the Fear of Not Knowing What to Say
  to Non-Christian Friends
How to Cult Proof Your Mind
How To Cultivate A Marriage
How To Deal With Depression
How to Debate a Creationist! Debate DVD #20
How to Discover Self-Control
How To Discover Your Spiritual Gift
How to Energize Your Mate in Less than 60 Seconds
How To Face Your Future
How to Find Gods Will in Your Life
How To Find Peace In The Midst Of Your Storm
How To Get In Shape Spiritually Complete Series
How to Get on Fire For God
How to Get Passion For Souls
How To Get Up When Youre Down
How to Handle Conflicts
How To Handle Stress
How To Handle Temptation
How To Have A Good Conscience
How to Have a Spirit-Controlled Life
How To Have A Spirit-Filled Life
How To Have A Steadfast Hope In A Shaky World
How To Have A True Foundation
How To Interpret Scripture & Walk In The Spirit
How To Keep Your Spiritual Health
How To Know The Will Of God
How to Lead a Muslim to Christ (Lecture 1)
How to Lead a Muslim to Christ (Lecture 2)
How To Live In Victory
How to Live in Victory in an X-Rated Society
How To Love And Be Loved
How to Make Money (And Spend It God's Way) DVD
How to Make the Rest Day the Best Day
How To Make Your Bible Come Alive
How To Overcome Discouragement
How to Overcome Fear
How To Practice The Presence Of God
How To Pray For Our Daily Bread
How to Preach Open Air
How To Preach Open Air & Freedom From The Fear Of
How To Prepare For Persecution
How to Protect Your Children When They are Taught
  the Fatal Myths of Condom-Based Sex Education
How to Put Meaning in Your Marriage
How To Raise Godly Children
How To Run Like A Champion
How to set up a mission program and keep it going
  in your church
How To Stand When You Dont Understand
How to Stay Together When the World Comes Apart
How to Study Bible Prophecy
How To Study Your Bible, For Kids
How To Take Terror Out Of Terrorism
How To Turn Temptations Into Triumphs
How To Understand The Bible
How To Weather The Storms Of Life
How To Win The War With Worry
How to Witness Effectively
How to Witness to a Jehovah's Witness
How to Witness without having a Nervous Breakdown
How Was the Old Testament Written?
How We Know the God of the Bible Exists
How Well Designed was Noah’s Ark?
How Well Designed Was Noah?s Ark?
How Will We Love?
How You Can Be Certain That The Bible Is The Word
  Of God
How You Can Be Sure You Are Eternally Secure
How You Can Experience God's Forgiveness
How You Can Know the Bible is the Word of God
How You Can Lead a Jehovah's Witness to Faith in
  Jesus Christ
How... Evangelize Secular World Pt 1
How...Evangelize a Secular World Pt 2
Hubble, Bubble, the Big Bang in Trouble
Hubble, Bubble: Big Bang in Trouble
Hudson Taylor
Hudson Taylor in German
Hugglers 3-Pack
Hugglers: A Friend In Need
Hugglers: Christmas Comes Alive
Hugglers: Jesus Loves His Children
Human Life
Humanity and Sin Study Course
Hunting for the Meaning of Life
Hymns 4 Worship
Hymns You Know and Love, 2 volumes
Hymns You Know and Love, volume 1
Hymns You Know and Love, volume 2