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The World Christian Video/DVD Directory is an attempt to list what dvds in around 1000 languages. Thousands of titles of Christian dvds from around the world are listed with a description and where to buy them.

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Kaboom & Kabang
Karla Faye Tucker: Forevermore
Karunamayudu in Malayalam
Kazakhs Video - Kazakhstan, 1999
Kazakhs, Kazakhstan (Central Asia)
Ken Davis And Friends
Ken Davis And Friends: 3-DVD Complete Collection
Ken Davis LIVE!: Under The Influence
Ken Davis: Super Sheep
Kenn Kington Comedy Collection
Kenn Kington: I Am Dad
Kenn Kington: I Don’t Understand
Kenn Kington: I’m Confused
Kentaro’s Atonement
Kevin can Wait
Keys to Changing Unwanted Behavior and Habits
Keys to Good Government
Keys to Learning How to Get Along
Keys to Loving Relationships
Keys to Zeal
Kham Tibetans Video - China, 2000
Khamba, China & Tibet
Kid’s Ten Commandments
Kid's Ten Commandments Complete Collection
Kid's Tour of the Creation Evidence Museum
Kids Around the World 10/40 Window
Kids Around the World 10/40 Window Bhil Video
Kids Around the World: The Riffis
Kids on Mission (Volume 1)
Kids on Mission (Volume 10)
Kids on Mission (Volume 11)
Kids on Mission (Volume 12)
Kids On Mission (Volume 13)
Kids on Mission (Volume 3)
Kids on Mission (Volume 5)
Kids on Mission (Volume 6)
Kids on Mission (Volume 8)
Kids on Mission (Volume 9)
Kids On Mission Fall 2005
Kids On Mission: Send Me - Winter 2006
Kids Ten Commandments - Complete 5 DVD Educational
Kids Ten Commandments DVD Set
King Ahab & The Fiery Furnace
King George & the Ducky
King is Born Interactive DVD & Resource Book
King of Kings
King’s Kadets: God’s Alphabet Soup
Kingdom Authority
Kingdom of Heaven Interactive DVD & Resource Book
Kingdom Under the Sea 3-DVD Set
Kingdom Under the Sea ? The Gift
Kingdom Under the Sea ? The Red Tide
Kingdom Under the Sea: Special Edition
Kingdom Under The Sea: The Gift
Kingdom Under the Sea? Return of the King
KJV Complete Holy Bible on DVD
KJV New Testament on DVD
KJV Old Testament on DVD
KJV: The Making of the King James Bible
Knowing God Intimately
Knowing the Truth About Same Sex Marriage
Komering: A Call to the River of Gold
Kyrgyz & Dungan Video - Kyrgyzstan, 1996