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The World Christian Video/DVD Directory is an attempt to list what dvds in around 1000 languages. Thousands of titles of Christian dvds from around the world are listed with a description and where to buy them.

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Madame Blueberry
Madurese Video - Indonesia, 1996
Magdalena: Released from Shame
Magdalena: Through Her Eyes
Maggie’s Passage
Magic Tricks DVD
Mahalia Jackson Sings The Songs Of Christmas
Make Sure You Get The Real Thing
Making a Decision that Lasts Forever - Set
Making Abortion Unthinkable
Making Jesus Known
Making Numbers Count
Making Order Out of Panic Disorder
Making Your Marriage a Masterpiece
Malay of Sumatra Video - Indonesia, 2002
Malay Video - Malaysia & Singapore, 1999
Man from Tarsus
Man, Dinosaurs, and the Bible
Manchu: Imperial Bannerman (China)
Mandie And The Secret Tunnel
Manners at Work
Many Infallible Proofs, Vol 1
Many Infallible Proofs, Vol 2
Maratha Video - India, 1997
Mark Gungor: Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage -
  DVD Set
Mark Gungor: Manly Man Conference: Men’s
Mark Gungor: Manly Men’s Conference: Worth
  the Fight
Mark Gungor: Sex, Dating and Relating
Mark Lowry Collection
Mark Lowry Goes To Hollywood
Mark Lowry On Broadway
Mark Lowry: The Last Word
Mark Of The Red Hand
Marks Of A Cult: A Biblical Analysis
Marriage Is From Heaven
Marriage on the Rock
Marriage Retreat
Marriage, Divorce & ReMarriage
Marriage, Divorce And Remarriage Complete Series
Marriage: Duel Or Duet?
Martin / Spong Debate on Sexual Ethics
Martin Luther
Martin Luther: A Journey to the Heart of
Marty Adventure Series
Marty Goetz...Live in Concert- DVD
Marty's Grand Adventure
Marvin Sapp: Thirsty
Mary & Joseph
Mary Of Nazareth
Masonry Package
Master your Money
Matt Redman - FaceDown
Matter of Choice
Matthew Bible Videos - The Visual Bible
Matthew: Come Follow the King
Maximum Mom
McGee & Me - Vol. 2 [episodes 4-6]
McGee & Me - Vol. 3 [episodes 7-9]
McGee and Me Volume 1- Episodes 1-3
Me & You, Us, Forever
Measure of a Man
Media Malpractice
Meditation: Pathway to Deception?
Meeting God in Quiet Places
Megiddo - The March to Armageddon
Megiddo 2 - The New Age
Megiddo: The March To Armageddon
Memorial Service
Memphis Passion Play 2003
Men Of Strength
Men of the Bible Pack
Mena Coverup
Mercy Me
Mercy Me: Live
Mercy Streets
Message 1: Same Sex Marriage vs Marriage God's Way
Message 1: Special Guest, ex-homosexual Mike Haley
Message 2: An Expose on the Gay Christian Movement
Message 2: Responding to Pro-Gay Theology, special
  speaker Joe Dallas
Message 3: The Myth of the Gay Gene and Born Gay
Message 3: The Secret of Spiritual Renewal
Message 4: Adultery
Message 4: Learning How To Be A Leader
Message 5: God's Spiritual Laws Of Leadership
Message 5: The Danger and Allure of Pornography
Message 6: Advantage of Abstinence: Why Not Sex
  Before Marriage?
Message 6: Your Greatest Discovery
Message 7: Discerning Predators: An Expose on
Message Of The Boats
Messages From Heaven
Messages From Heaven (VHS)
Messages in Hollywood Movies
Messaggi dal Cielo
Messiah - Prophecy Fulfilled
Messianic Prophecies: Do They Point to Jesus or
  Somebody Else?
Messianic Prophecies: Do They Point to Jesus or
  Somebody Else? - Program 1
Mi Biblia y Yo: Métodos de Estudio Bíblico
Miao, Southwest China
Miao/Hmong Video - China, 2000
Michael W. Smith: A New Hallelujah - The LIVE
Midnight At High Noon
Midnight Clear (2007)
Mike’s Inspiration Station - DVD Set
Milky Way & Beyond
Million Souls Crusade: Global Evangelism
Millionaire Marriages
Millions of Years: Where Did the Idea Come From?
Milltown Pride
Minangkabau: The Myth of Victory
Mind Over Media
Ministry of Paul Interactive DVD & Resource Book
Minnesota Cuke
Miracle Of The Widow
Miracle on State Street
Miracles of Jesus Christ
Miracles of Jesus Interactive DVD & Resource Book
Miraculous Messages: From Noah’s Ark To The
  End Times
Mirad Cuanto Amor
Mirad Cuanto Amor!
Miriam e Moses-Il sogno di Giuseppe
Miss Pattycake: Good Morning, Day!
Mission Impossible
Mission: God At Work, Faith In Action
Missionary Adventure skills
Missionary Challenge
Missionary Enrichment Series
Missionary Enrichment: Culture Shock
Missionary Enrichment: Dealing With Anger
Missionary Enrichment: Dysfunctional Family
Missionary Enrichment: Good Mourning
Missionary Enrichment: Rest for the Race
Missionary Enrichment: Self-Acceptance
Missionary Enrichment: Special Challenges of MKs
Missionary Enrichment: Staying Married in an Age
  of Divorce
Missionary Enrichment: Stress Management &
Missions Skits Presentations Video
Mobilizing Your Church With Video
Modern Channeling and Spirit Guides
Modern Parables
Modern Parables: Hidden Treasure - Lessons 1 & 2
Modern Parables: Samaritan - Lessons 3 & 4
Modern Parables: The Shrewd Manager Lessons 5 & 6
Modern Parables: The Widow And The Judge - Lessons
  7 & 8
Modern Worship Leader Collection
Modern Worship Series: Acoustic Guitar
Modern Worship Series: Leading Worship: Creating
Modern Worship Series: Music Styles
Modern Worship Series: Worship Band Workshop
Molly Pickens and the Rainy Day Castle
Moment of Truth
Moody Science Classics - 20 DVD Set
Moody Science Classics: City of the Bees
Moody Science Classics: Experience with an Eel
Moody Science Classics: God of Creation
Moody Science Classics: God of the Atom
Moody Science Classics: Journey of Life
Moody Science Classics: Mystery of the Three
Moody Science Classics: Of Books and Sloths
Moody Science Classics: Prior Claim
Moody Science Classics: Professor and the Prophets
Moody Science Classics: Red River of Life
Moody Science Classics: Signposts Aloft
Moody Science Classics: Special Complete 19-DVD
Moody Science Classics: Ultimate Adventure
Moody Science Classics: Voice of the Deep
Moody Science Classics: Windows of the Soul
More Reasons Why Evolution is Stupid
More Than Conquerors
More Than Dreams
More than Feeding the Kitty
More than Winning
Mormon Leaders Debate Christian Scholars
Mormon Officials / Christian Scholars Compare
Mormonism Package
Mormonism Revisited
Moses Interactive DVD & Resource Book
Moses’ Ten Commandments
Most (The Bridge)
Motivation for World Mission: Helen Roseveare
Mount St. Helens
Mount St. Helens (VHS)
Mount St. Helens: Explosive Evidence for
Mousetrap / Short Term Missions
Moving to Mozart
Moze Li Bog Poslati Coveka U Pakao
Mr. Christmas
Mr. Pratt
MTV Examined
MTV: The Killer Companion
Music and Majesty: Christmas
Music Box
Music Machine
Music Machine - Benny’s Biggest Battle
Music of the Masters
Music to Die for
Musicología Bíblica del A.T.
Musicolog­a B­blica del A.T. .
My Heart - Gods Home
My Really Bad Date
My Savior Lives
My Search for Messiah
My Son, My Son
My Truth, Your Truth, Whose Truth
My Utmost: The Oswald Chambers Story
Mysteries Of The Apocalypse
Mysteries Of The Bible Collection
Mystery of the Three Clocks
Mystery Of The Three Kings