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The World Christian Video/DVD Directory is an attempt to list what dvds in around 1000 languages. Thousands of titles of Christian dvds from around the world are listed with a description and where to buy them.

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Pagan Invasion: Religion vs. Christianity
Pamela’s Prayer
Pandora’s Box Office
Paper Clips
Parables From Pop Culture: Volume 1
Parables Of Jesus
Parents Encouraging Parents Groups for Moms
Parents Encouraging Parents Groups for Parents of
Parents' Rights Denied
Pass The Salt
Passing the Torch of Creation
Passion 06: Everything Glorious
Passion: OneDay Live (Special Edition)
Passport to Praise: Great Britain
Passport to Praise: Holy Land
Pastor Greg
Pastor Greg Season 2
Pastor Greg Series V.1 (episodes 1-4)
Pastor Greg Series V.2 (episodes 5-8)
Pastor Greg’s First Christmas
Pastor Yun: His Story, His Mission
Paul the Apostle
Paul The Emissary
Paul's Adventures
Paws and Tales: A Closer Look
Paws and Tales: Seeing the Unseen
Payday Someday
Peace Child (DVD)
Peace in the Middle East
Peace in the Midst of Your Storm
Pendragon: Sword Of His Father
People God Uses
People Who Met Jesus
People Who Met Jesus: Series Two
Perdon y consuelo
Personal Conflicts
Personal Holiness
Personal Survival Kit
Perspectives Course Promotional Video
Perspectives Family Edition 3-pack
Perspectives Family Edition DVD only
Perspectives Family Edition plus 100 Participant
  Study Guides
Perspectives Family Edition plus 25 Participant
  Study Guides
Perspectives Family Edition plus 300 Participant
  Study Guides
Perspectives Video Series
Peter and Paul
Petra: Israel’s Secret Hiding Place
PGM Documentary
Phillips, Craig & Dean Live
Picture This
Picture This DVD
Pilgrim’s Progress
Pilgrim’s Progress: Journey to Heaven
Pilgrim’s Progress: The Story of John Bunyan
Pilgrim's Progress
Pilgrim's Progress - Animated
Pint Size Parables
Planet Earth
Platinum Interactive DVD Collection Plus Devine
Platinum Interactive Educational DVD Collection
Playing One Way: Drug Free
Playing the Game
Please Forgive Me, I'm Dying
Podjite Za Mnom I Ucinicu Vas Ribarima
Possessing Your Possessions
Power of a Changed Life & Deadliest 3-letter Word
Practice What Your Preach & Idolatry
Practicing The Presence Of God
PraiseMoves Alphabetics
PraiseMoves For Children
PraiseMoves: The Christian Alternative To Yoga
Pray 2.5 - Director’s Cut
Pray 2: The Woods
Prayer of Jabez
Prayer: A Remix
Prayer: Remix - Louie Giglio
Prayerwalking for Kids Video
Praying for Your Family: DVD
Preacher’s Kid
Preparing For A New Millennium
Preparing For Persecution
Preparing for Spiritual Warfare! - Lessons In
  Spiritual Warfare
Presenting Jesus To a Jehovah's Witness
Preserve the Word
Preview of the Anti-Christ
Prigioniero de un incubo
Prijateljstvo Brak
Prince of Egypt
Principles of Biblical Teaching
Prior Claim
Privileged Planet & Unlocking the Mystery of Life
Pro-Life Doctors Speak Out
Pro-Life Documentary Pack
Pro-Life Movie Collection
Prodigal Son Interactive DVD & Resource Book
Professor & the Prophets
Professor and the Prophets
Project Dinosaur
Promises made to the Fathers
Prophecies of the Passion
Prophecies: The Future Revealed
Prophecy from A to Z
Prophecy of Israel
Prophecy Pack
Prophecy Survival Guide
Prophecy: 21st Century Revelations
Proving The Bible Through Archaeology
Psychiatric Medication and the Christian (VHS)
Psychology and the Church
Psychology And The Church - By T. A. McMahon
Public School Presentation
Pure Joy In Our Trials
Pure Pump with Tonya Larson
Pursuing God - An Invitation to Intimacy With The
Puzzle Club Easter Adventure