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The World Christian Video/DVD Directory is an attempt to list what dvds in around 1000 languages. Thousands of titles of Christian dvds from around the world are listed with a description and where to buy them.

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Racism: Is There an Answer?
Rack, Shack & Benny
Radical Obedience
Radio Theatre: The Screwtape Letters - CD/DVD
  Collector’s Edition (5 Discs)
Radioisotopes & the Age of the Earth
Raging Waters
Raging Waters: Evidence of the Genesis Flood in
Rags to Riches Video
Raise up child
Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World
Raising Kids That Count
Raising Young Champions
Rajput, India
Rajputs Video - India, 2000
Rate Premier Conference
Rather be a Woman
Ravi @ the Roxy
Razor's Edge
Reaching Catholics For Christ
Read and Share DVD Bible
Read and Share DVD Bible: Volumes 1-4 Collection
Read-A-Long Sing-A-Long DVD Storybooks
Ready to Rebuild
Real Roots - The Origin of the Races
Reasons Why Some People are Unreachable
Rebellion Of Thought
Rebounding From Failure
Reclaiming Southeast Asia
Recognize and Value Your Mate's Differences
Recognizing and Transforming Unhealthy
Reconciliation Rooted in Redemption and Guided by
Recovering From Extra-Marital Affairs
Red River of Life
Red Runs the River
Red Sea Miracle
Red Sea, The & David & Saul
Redeeming Love
Redemption Ride
Reducing and Overcoming Conflicts
Reflections of His Love
Reflections On Psalm 23: For People With Cancer
Reflections on the Beatitudes: For People with
Reflections on the Lord’s Prayer: For People
  with Cance
Reflections on the Lord’s Prayer: For People
  with Cancer
Reformation Overview
Refuting the New Controversial Theories About
Reggie’s Prayer
Reincarnation a la Shirley MacLean
Relevance of Creation Series
Religion and Government
Religion vs Christianity
Religiones Modernas
Remembering Ronald Reagan: A Tribute to America's
  40th President
Remembering the Forgotten God Study Set - DVD and
Repeat Performance
Repent and Believe & Finishing the Race
Restoring Relationships
Resurrection Documentaries Pack
Return to Intimacy
Revelation 5: Ken Fong
Revelation DVD
Revelation Illustrated
Revelation Part 1 VHS
Revelation Part 2 VHS
Revelation Revealed: Verse by Verse
Revelation ZLM
Reversing Roe -- the Norma McCorvey Story
Revival Account - Asbury, 1970
Revival Of Evil & Cult Explosion
Revolutionary: Epic Version
Revolutionary: Epic Version
Ribbits! #1: The Hero of Hopper's Landing
Rich Man and Lazarus
Ride The Wind
Riding Out the Storm
Riffi Berbers Video - Morocco, 1998
Right to Kill
Righteous Judge Interactive DVD & Resource Book
Ripped Down the Middle
Rising Stars
Road to Emmaus
Road to Redemption
Roaring Waters
Robber Of The Cruel Streets
Robert G. Lee "A To Z"
Robert G. Lee - Good & Funny
Robert G. Lee - Just Heaven Fun
Robert G. Lee - Picture This
Robert G. Lee - The Laughs Are On Me
Rock Music and MTV Examined in Light of the Bible
Rock-n-Roll Sorcerers of the New Age Revolution
Rocks & Ages: Do They Hide Millions of Years?
Rocks of Ages or Rock of Creation?
Roman Catholicism
Romania: After the Revolution
Romania: The Return
Romanos - (sin guas)
Romans 11
Romans: The Letter that Changed the World
Ron Wyatt's "Discovered Series"
Ruby: Gods Workmanship
Run Baby Run
Run On
Running For Jenny
Running Your Race
Russell O Quinn Testimony
Russell O’ Quinn Testimony
Ruth Interactive DVD & Resource Book
RV60 Antiguo Testamento
RV60 Nuevo Testamento
RV60 Santa Biblia Completa
Rwanda Collection
Rwanda: Living Forgiveness