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The World Christian Video/DVD Directory is an attempt to list what dvds in around 1000 languages. Thousands of titles of Christian dvds from around the world are listed with a description and where to buy them.

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Sabina's Encounter
Sacred Parenting
Sacrifices Of Thanksgiving
Sadhu Sundar Singh
Saints & Strangers
Salvation By Grace
Salvation: Sense & Nonsense
Same-Sex Marriage Package
Samuel Interactive DVD & Resource Book
Sandfloor Cathedral
Santa Biblia: Reina Valera - Antiguo y Nuevo
  Testamento con Historias Biblicas Favoritas de los
Santiago Nos Habla Hoy
Sara And The Starfish
Sarah’s Choice
Sarah’s Choice and Hidden Secrets - 2 DVD
Sasak: Of A Distant Island
SAT: The Eternal Triumph - #1 EUROPE
SAT: The Eternal Triumph - #2 WORLD
SAT: The Eternal Triumph - #3 ASIA
Satans Academy Award
Satans Superman
Saul And David
Saul of Tarsus Interactive DVD & Resource Book
Saved To Serve
Saving Face
Saving the World?
Scars That Heal
Scars that Heal: The Dave Roever Story
School Ideas
School Someday
Science and the Christian
Science and the God Question
Science Creation and The Bible
Scientific Evidence for God
Scriptural Principles for Building Relationships
Scriptural Principles for Counseling the Abused
Search for Noah's Ark
Search for the Real Jesus
Searching for the Truth on Origins
Searching For The Truth On Origins - 4 DVD Set
Searching For The Truth On Origins - Disk 1
Searching For The Truth On Origins - Disk 2
Searching For The Truth On Origins - Disk 3
Searching For The Truth On Origins - Disk 4
Second Chances
Second Glance
Secret Love
Secret Of Effectual Prayer
Secret World of Mormonism
Secrets of Mind Control
Secrets of The Bible Code Revealed
See for Yourself
Seeing God as a Perfect Father
Selections from Messiah
Seminario sobre Principios Practicos
Seminario sobre Principios Prácticos II
Senior Year
Senor Ábreme Los Ojos
Senza Scampo
Series 1: Why is the Big Bang Evidence that God
  Created the Universe?
Series 2: Can the Biblical Account of Creation be
  Reconciled with Scientific Evidence Today?
Sermons by Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum
Sermons by James Jacob Prasch
Sermons by Ray Comfort
Servant of Christ
Setting the Record Straight: American History in
  Black & White
Seven Days of Creation
Seven Laws of the Learner
Seven Secrets of Lasting Love
Seven Secrets to Spiritual Success
Seven Words That Can Build A Marriage
Seventh Day Adventism
Seventh Day Adventism at the Crossroads
Seventh Day Adventism: Who Is Telling the Truth?
Seventh-Day Adventism
Seventh-Day Adventism: The Spirit Behind the
Sex Love & Relationships
Sexo: Pasion o Amor?
Sexual Abuse -- Beyond the News
Shadow Government
Shadow of the Boomerang
Shadow Voices
Shadowlands - C.S. Lewis
Shakespeare and Shylock
Shaky Town
Shaping Eternity Video Only
Share Your Faith Seminar
Sharing Christ in Mexico
Sharing In The Father’s Affection
Sharing The Light
Sherwood Pictures DVD Collection
Shiokari Pass
Should Christians Support Israel?
Should Evolution Be Taught...? - Debate DVD #4
Should the Catholic Church Elevate Mary's Status
  to Co-Redeemer, Mediator of All Graces, and
  Advocate of Mankind?
Shout Praises Kids: Every Move I Make
Shout Praises Kids: I Am Free
Shout Praises Kids: Living For You
Shout Praises Kids: My Best Friend
Shout Praises Kids: My Best Friend - Super
  Resource DVD
Shout Praises Kids: Today Is The Day!
Shout Praises Kids: You Are Good
Shout Praises Kids: You Are Good Worship Resource
Shout! For The Lord Has Given You The City DVD
Shouting Ground - Live from Thomas Road
Shroud of Turin
Siblings: Bubble Trouble
Sick Dogs and Dirty Hogs
Sign Praise
Signposts Aloft
Signs & Wonders Movement Exposed
Signs / Wonders Exposed [Part 1] Miracles
Signs / Wonders Exposed [Part 2] Money
Signs / Wonders Exposed [Part 3] Music & Ministry
Signs Of The Time
Signs of the Times
Signs of the Times Interactive DVD and Resource
Sikhs of the Punjab Video - India, 2002
Silenced or Set Free!
Silent Scream
Silva Mind Control
Simplicity Of Salvation
Sin Cannot Win And Faith Cannot Fail
Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God
Sinopsis del Antiguo Testamento I
Sinopsis del Antiguo Testamento II
Six (The Mark Unleashed)
SIX - The Mark Unleashed
Six Days & the Eisegesis Problem
Six Days of Creation: A Young Earth is Not the
Six Positive Principles For Proper Practice
Six: The Mark Unleashed
Sluzba Svetog Duha Verniku
Smuggler’s Ransom
Snake Eggs, Spider Webs, And Traffic Jams
So Who Is This Jesus?
Sodom and Gomorrah legend or real event?
Solid Evidence About Christ for a Skeptical World
Solomon Interactive DVD & Resource Book
Solomon’s Temple
Solutions To Culture Stress
Some Golden Daybreak
Some Through The Fire
Something Better Than Soccer
Something to Sing About
Sometimes, Miracles Do Happen
Song Man
Songs 4 Worship: God Is Able/Above All
Soon Coming Of Our Lord
Sophie Scholl: The Final Days
Soroti Orphan Assistance Project
Soteriology Study Course
Soul Searching
Soul Surfer
Soul Winning Seminar for Success
Souls in Conflict
Sound & Fury - An Examination of the Power of
Sounds of War
Sounds Of War: Rock, Rap & The Spiritual World
Space Shuttle Journey
Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons
Speaking the Truth in Love to Muslims
Speaking the Truth in Love to Muslims Set
Special Church Ceremonies
Special Me
Speechless: Episode 105: Vows On The Boardwalk?
Spirit of the American Revolution
Spiritual Crossroad
Spiritual Gifts
Spiritual Heritage of the United States Capitol
SPK 52: Kids Worship For All Year Round
Spring of Life
Spunky’s First Christmas
St. John in Exile
St. Peter
Standing Firm
Standing Firm In A Pagan World
Star Over Bethlehem
Starlight and Time
Starlight and Time, Updated & Expanded
Start Right - Believers Baptism
Startling Issues: Condoned or Condemned
Startling Proofs
Starving and Stuffing
Step Over The Edge
Step Pump with Tonya Larson
Step Up to Fitness
Stephen’s Test of Faith
Stephen's Test of Faith
Steps of Paul Tour (Teachings)
Steps of Paul Tour (Travelogue)
Steps To Becomming A Super Leader
Steve Bell Band: Live in Concert
Steve Harvey: Don’t Trip...He Ain’t
  Finished With Me Yet!
Stewert Taylor: You Wearin’ That?
Stolen Watermelon
Stolen Watermelon /Dombi/ The Little Lost Boat
Stories of the Persecuted Church
Story of America's Liberty
Story Of Jesus For Children DVD - Alantic Version
Story Of Jesus For Children DVD - Pacific Edition
Story of the English Bible
Storykeepers Christmas Story on DVD
Storykeepers Collection Volume 1 on DVD
Storykeepers Collection Volume 2 on DVD
Storykeepers Collection Volume 3 on DVD
Storykeepers Complete Resource Kit VHS
Storykeepers Teachers Guide
Storyteller Cafe: Beyond The Manger
Storyteller Cafe: The Battle
Storyteller Cafe: The Gift
Storyteller Cafe: The Lion’s Den
Storyteller Cafe: The Rebel
Storyteller Cafe: The Secret Plan
Storyteller Cafe: The Storm
Strength Through Authority
Strength Through Surrender
Stretch And Pray
Stuck in a Rut Visual Curriculum
Stuck In the Past
Study in Acts
Study Skills for Teens
Success Gods Way
Success Gods Way
Sudan: The Hidden Holocaust
Sue Thomas - Breaking The Sound Barrier
Sugar Creek Gang - 5 Episode DVD Collection
Sugar Creek Gang: Race Against Nightfall - Episode
Sugar Creek Gang: Secret Hideout - Episode 4
Sugar Creek Gang: Swamp Robber - Episode 1
Sugar Creek Gang: Teacher Troubl
Sugar Creek Gang: The Great Canoe Fish - Episode 2
Summer Special Perspectives Family Edition
Sumo of the Opera
Sunday School Musical - Special Sing-Along Edition
Super Charged Living
Super Christian 1
Super Christian 2
Supernatural Powers: The Battle between Good and
Supernatural Prophecies That Prove God Exists
  (Part 1)
Supernatural Prophecies That Prove God Exists
  (Part 2)
Supernatural Prophecies That Prove God Exists
  (Part 3)
Survey of the Bible
Surviving financial meltdown
Surviving the Prodigals in Your Life
Survivor Stories: Finding Hope from an Unlikely
Swamp Robber
Swargam Santoshikunnu
Sweet Little Jesus Boy
Syamsul's Dream
Symbols in Religious Art
Synthetic Salvation